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Our Unique Blend of Service Offerings

allows us to make a tremendous impact and we continue to help our clients as they evolve.

Sales Recruiting

Sales recruiting is where we got our start.  Our experience started with sales recruiting and we have placed hundreds of salespeople over the years ranging from entry level to C-Level.

Executive Search

Great companies start with strong leadership. This is where we step in. In addition to competitive pricing, we have a very strong network of executives ranging from CEOs to Vice Presidents to Directors.

HR Recruiting

We describe HR as the heartbeat of most organizations. Without processes and procedures in place, it’s nearly impossible to run an effective organization.

Marketing Recruiting

Because of our extensive experience with sales, we naturally have worked closely with marketing, including placing many marketing candidates at great companies over the years.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Sometimes hiring a recruiting firm isn’t the best fit for our clients, which is why we have a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) division.   We charge a monthly retainer and one of our recruiters will work for your company sourcing and recruiting candidates, screening applicants that apply to your website, writing job descriptions, posting on various website and performing any other HR or recruiting related task.  Think of them as a part-time member of your organization without having to worry about paying their benefits, technology or additional expenses because they’re technically an employee of Right Choice Resources.

Sales Consulting

Our team has grown sales teams extensively and is not afraid to strategize with you, get on the phone with your salespeople and utilize our network to help increase your sales.

Recruiting Consulting

Need help improving your HR or recruiting department? We can help. Over the years, we’ve been extremely successful in helping companies place candidates in positions that they were struggling to fill for 6-12 months. We can show your team how to better recruit and fill those challenging roles.