If you’re like most of our clients. Your experience with recruiters is probably one of the following:

The company did not send us any candidates.

The candidates that were sent to us by the recruiter did not have the qualifications that we requested.

The recruiters have sent our company a number of unemployed job hoppers.

I’ve dealt with a number of recruiters and it was not a good experience, so I am finished working with them.

All of the above.

We Are Different From The Others

We’ve worked in sales, have cold called our entire careers and understand our candidates. We’re able to relate to them and know that recruiting is a sales process. In order to convince an “A” salesperson to leave a job they’re happy with, they need to be convinced that we have a better opportunity for them, which is where we excel.

The majority of our candidates can’t be found applying to open positions on a job board or through searching a resume database. We have developed a large network of close contacts over the years, who consistently refers us great candidates. In addition, if they’re not referred to us, we typically know somebody that knows the candidate. Therefore, we are able to get to understand our candidates better and have more knowledge about them before we recommend them to our clients.

We pursue the cream of the crop employees who in many cases aren’t actively looking for a new job. Since most have been top performers and we’ve invested a significant amount of time building trust with them, many are receptive when we approach them about new opportunities. We regularly hear our candidates say,“I’m approached by recruiters daily but you’re the only one that I respond to.”

Right Choice Resources does not accept every client who contacts us and we believe in full transparency. If we believe we are not the right company for your needs, we absolutely take a polite pass and/or refer you to another company that is a “ better fit” for your needs.

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If you’re a sales leader at a fast-growing software company, joining Sales Assembly is a no brainer. They have in person and online events, speakers, networking and access to other members. You’ll learn about the best practices in the industry and how other companies are successfully scaling.

If you’re a start-up looking for funding, new clients, and access to experts to help you grow, VentureSCALE is an incredible organization to join at a very affordable price.

People Analytics has the best personality assessment on the market that we’ve seen. The PREP assessment takes less than 10 minutes to take and will pinpoint your personality. In addition, it can match you to your employees and explain how to manage him or her based on both of your personality profiles. The company also provides consulting, where they’ll review the results and discuss how to successfully implement the recommended next steps.

Resume Writing Boutique has done a great job helping our candidates write their sales resumes. As a partner of ours, she offers very competitive pricing to those we refer.

Charlotte Weeks, who is the founder and owner is an executive resume writer and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox and NBC to name a few. She also helps executives write resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.