Over the years, I’ve reflected on all of the great advice I’ve been given. I definitely have my close friend, Joe, to thank for a lot of it. He me that when choosing a career, it’s most important to figure out what you’re most passionate about first and all of the other things (income, advancement, reputation and size of the company, etc) as a distant second. If you do what you’re passionate about, in my case helping people,, income and the other things will follow.

Since it’s so challenging to rank my favorite inspirational videos in order, I’m going to start with some of the shorter ones. However, I’d definitely encourage you to watch all of them.

1.) Michael Jordan Failure Commercial

Michael Jordan discusses the importance of having to fail in order to succeed.

2.) Never Ever Give Up

How a disabled veteran changed around his life after being told he’d never walk again.

3.) Derek Redmond, Olympic Runner

Favored to win the gold metal in the Olympics, Derek Redmond was injured. See how he reacts.

4.) No Excuses

I love Nike commercials! Warhawk Matt Scott tell you what he thinks of making excuses.

5.) Autistic Basketball Player, Jason Mcelwain’s Story

One of my favorite stories. This autistic basketball player finally gets a shot to play with 4 minutes left in his team’s last game. It’s like a real life version of Rudy.

6.) Jimmy Valvano ESPY Speech

Jimmy V was the head coach for NC State’s basketball and won a national championship against all odds. In 1993, he gave this amazing speech as he was battling cancer and passed away shortly after.

7.) Simon Sinek’s Why Speech

This speech probably speaks the most loudly to me out of any of them and really makes you think. Simon Sinek discussed that when people do what they’re most passionate about, the money follows. When their only priority is to make money, the results are very different and he gives specific examples.

8.) John Wooden: The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

John Wooden, arguable the best college basketball coach ever has more great information in this video than any video I’ve ever seen. This is probably my favorite one out of all of them.

I hope you found these videos as inspiring as I did and if I left any off that you enjoyed, please feel free to share!

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