Territory Manager – Builders & Construction

Florida, Ohio
Posted 5 months ago

Our client is a 20+ year old organization that sells to builders throughout the country.

They are hiring in both Ohio and Florida.

The base salary is up to $80,000 and $110,000-$120,000 total.

As a Territory Manager, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Identifying, establishing, and maintaining relationships with independent builders (members)
  • Recruiting builders (50-500+ homes annually)
  • Identifying, establishing, and maintaining relationships with distribution partners
  • Identifying, establishing, and maintaining relationships with trade partners
  • Participating in and attending company-sponsored events
  • Participating in product training seminars and updates
  • Attending relevant program training sessions
  • Submitting expense reports

Annual expectations:

  • Maintaining 40-60 active member accounts
  • Opening 24 new member accounts (2 per month)

Monthly expectations:

  • Opening 2 new members
  • Making a minimum of 1 sales call (face to face) with each member
  • Executing a minimum of 3 program conversions per member
  • Facilitating members’ usage reports (quarterly)
  • Submitting distributed reports by the 15th of the following month

Weekly expectations:

  • Providing a summary and activity report
  • Making 10-20 member sales calls (face to face)
  • Making 20-40 prospecting member sales calls (phone work)
  • Making 20 member phone calls
  • Making 40 prospecting member phone calls
  • Updating weekly call reporting with check marks on Friday

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