Outside Sales Representative – Advertising

Chicago IL
Posted 3 weeks ago

We are seeking an Outside Sales Representative for one of our advertising clients in River North.

The base salary is $40,000 plus commissions and car allowance.  First year earnings are expected to be $50,000-$55,000.

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, driven and focused sales executive. The position does not require extensive sales experience, but some experience is preferred and the right candidate will have no doubt about his or her abilities to sell, persuade, influence and form strong, lasting bonds. We do not motivate people; we hire self-motivated people and reward them handsomely for exceptional performance.

Duties include:

  • Identifying good prospects whose advertising needs fit the features of the product. These prospects may range from local business to national advertisers and their advertising agencies.
  • Contacting prospects through cold calls, site visits, networking events, and other forms of strategic lead generation.
  • Engaging prospects with creative follow-up materials and ideas that demonstrate an understanding of the prospect’s business and advertising objectives.
  • Making weekly reports to the management team of sales activity, lead generation and progression of prospects through the “pipeline.”
  • Form and nurture long-term relationships with clients and prospects through ongoing communication, regular contact and entertainment.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be highly motivated – a “self-starter,” aggressive
  • Have great communication skills – confident and articulate
  • Have very good organizational skills – creating their own regimented, quantifiable system for identifying prospects, contacting them, following up with them, setting meetings and progressing sales.
  • Be open and willing to learn – we are a growing company where everyone is learning a lot and taking on more responsibility each day.
  • Be a top-tier performer in their current sales role but be searching for an opportunity with more upside, more freedom and more fun.


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