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When asked to help, Right Choice Resources has occasionally discovered that there are times when management isn’t quite sure whether they need more employees or whether they need to get more productivity from their current employees.  Because of this discovery, and given our staff of professionals, it was an easy progression to expand from recruiting into consulting as well.

It isn’t often that an executive wakes up and says “You know, I’ll think I’ll hire a consultant.” In fact, it is often easier to simply hire an employee than it is to discern whether or not another employee is even needed. That’s why, at Right Choice Resources, we encourage customers to ask us in for a consultation evaluation.

An evaluation is a formalized interview wherein we listen to you, ask a series of questions and engage in a dialogue that will, hopefully, help you see your situation through “fresh eyes.” (Yes, of course we recommend that you have us sign a non-disclosure agreement.) Depending on your needs, this may take a day or so. In the end, you will be able to decide whether you need our help with hiring or need to hire us to help. At the very least, you may gain new insights, fine-tune procedures, or take pride in what you’ve already done.

Unlike most consulting firms, we don’t charge for an initial consultation, whereas most companies charge thousands of dollars for this service. Why? Because we want the opportunity to prove to you that Right Choice Resources is the resource you’ve been looking for to help you with all of your consulting and recruiting needs.

Please contact Gregg Salkovitch by phone at 312-738-9070 or email at to learn more.