16 06, 2018

Want To Lose A Deal? Try Emailing.

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Everything is quickly becoming digital, but are certain conversations best left for a phone call or in person meeting? It’s easy to see how communication can become misinterpreted when taking place via email or text messaging. These environments leave little room for nuanced expression and leave things like body language and tone of voice to [...]

9 06, 2018

The Dinner Interview

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Over the course of my career, I have interviewed and been interviewed thousands of times. I’ve interviewed with so many companies that I began to think of it as a scripted play.  Knowing 90% of the questions allowed me to rehearse exactly what I was going to say, as I knew my responses weeks before [...]

30 05, 2018

Why Are Poor Salespeople More Creative?

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  Challenging financial circumstances offer an opportunity to bring out the creativity within yourself and unlock resourceful ways in which to compete with others that may have the financial advantage over you or your company. This scenario exists within many different industries and paradigms, but I first remember learning this lesson while working at a [...]

26 05, 2018

Sales Babble Podcast: How To Hire and Get a Sales Job with Gregg Salkovitch

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You can listen to the complete podcast by clicking the link below: https://www.salesbabble.com/how-hire-and-get-a-sales-job-with-gregg-salkovitch-217/ When it comes to the process of staffing a sales position, it’s two sides of the same coin. On one side we have the need for employers to hire skilled and competitive staff. On the other side of the coin is the [...]

18 04, 2018

Resumes Are Overrated  

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    When bringing on new talent at an organization, it can be quite appealing to hire someone from a competitor. The onboarding and training process becomes easier, as there is less of a learning curve. I get it, and agree with the approach, especially if you are a company that can’t invest much time [...]

7 04, 2018

Shut Up!  The Guide To Interviewing

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When it comes to interviewing, it's essential to know when to shut up. In my experience, the unfortunate reality is that many of my best candidates get really close to landing new jobs and the primary reason why they aren’t hired is because they ramble on in interviews. Communication is at the center of strong [...]

31 03, 2018

Stop Being Boring (When It Comes To Selling)!

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Sales calls are common place at most businesses, and they offer sales people an opportunity to differentiate themselves and highlight their own character traits. When sales calls are placed daily, it becomes very hard to break through the noise and differentiate yourself from the herd. Most recipients of sales calls have heard it all before, [...]

6 03, 2018

First Impressions Do NOT Count!

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Throughout my time in recruiting, I’ve witnessed many companies pass on entry level candidates for a variety of reasons that are derived from their first impression. I’ve seen companies pass due to the lack of a follow-up thank you, nerves during the interview, insufficient quality questions, or simply not specifically asking for the job. Although [...]