17 02, 2019

Why Your Interview Process Should Take 2 Weeks

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Right now it’s a candidate’s market, making it a challenge to find strong salespeople. When you do find the right one, it can often turn into a bidding war. These bidding wars tend to be very hard to win when you have some of the biggest and most reputable brands competing with your small or [...]

29 01, 2019

Don’t Hire A Salesperson Yet

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When making a new hire, one of the worst things you can do is invest time and money into a salesperson with no plan of how to manage or train them. You are setting yourself up for failure, and likely going to see a high amount of turnover if this becomes a trend. A few [...]

23 01, 2019

Selling by Trial & Error

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Over the years, I’ve held a variety of different sales jobs.  These jobs have opened by eyes to the nuances that exist within the field in regard to approach and tactics. During this time, one of the things that I’ve noticed is how my approach to sales differed from my colleagues, and most other salespeople [...]

19 12, 2018

How Do You Know If A Company Is Being Honest About OTE (On Target Earnings)?

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A common question that I ask on a daily basis is, “Why are you looking to leave your job?”. Too often, the response I receive is as repetitive as a broken record. I regularly hear “I was told I’d make $100,000 and I’m making $65,000 plus nobody on the team is above 80% of quota.” [...]

1 12, 2018

The #1 Mistake When Interviewing Salespeople

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When I think back on the years I’ve spent in the recruiting space, I’m reminded of hundreds of salespeople that I’ve gotten hired. The commonality among most of these instances is that sales managers would express that, “We lost the candidate because another company was able to make a higher offer.”  Although this is sometimes [...]

28 11, 2018

Hiring Salespeople On A Budget

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Sales, recruiting, and baseball; These three things are my biggest passions in life. Naturally, having grown up in Cleveland I’m a huge Indians fan. For those of you that don’t follow baseball, the Indians are a smaller market team, which means they can’t really afford to sign the big name players. Seemingly every year, like [...]

17 11, 2018

Are Hiring Assessments Worth the Hype?

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I have a fair amount of skepticism associated with the common process of taking hiring assessments in order to evaluate talent, and I’ve always felt this way. A significant factor in my healthy level of skepticism is that I’ve dealt with many companies that utilize these assessments like they’re the hiring bible. Despite this dissatisfaction [...]

15 11, 2018

High Base Salary & Low Commissions vs. Low Base Salary & High Commissions

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A common line of thought among most companies is, “I want to pay for performance”. Meanwhile, almost every candidate for any given job is thinking, “I need a higher base salary. I have bills to pay.”  So, who is correct in their thinking? In my opinion, there is no winner here, and both the companies [...]

23 10, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give a Low Ball Offer

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I've seen many companies lowball candidates when it comes to giving them an offer.  Although they believe they're saving money by paying below the "market rate," it's actually costing them a lot. Let’s take a look at five specific reasons why you should never give a lowball offer. 1.) They'll Take Another Job If the [...]

19 10, 2018

Networking: Quality Over Quantity

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We can probably all agree that networking is a critical part of conducting business, especially as a salesperson. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve noticed facing salespeople today is their approach to networking. A common misstep that I observe often is that salespeople primarily network when they need something, as opposed to doing so [...]